Hongqiao is a collection of rubber transport facilities and home product design, development, manufacturing, sales and service in one of the domestic first-class production enterprises. The company started in the production of transport facilities, after 20 years of development, is now covering the transportation facilities, recreational home comprehensive establishment of modern enterprise system of well-known companies.

  • Zhoushan Sea-Crossing Bri...

    The Zhoushan Sea-Crossing Bridge is named Ningbo-Zhouzhou Expressway (G9211), with a total length of 41.934 ki...

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  • Qinglan high-speed

    Qinglan Expressway belonging to the national highway network planning an east-west horizontal line. Number: G2...

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  • 15 years military parade

    This is the first time China has held a military parade outside the National Day, and will be the first to hos...

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